One of the important and favorite features of users on any site is the system of earning points and using its benefits. Fortunately, the kiusk platform has a rating system for users, through which we can have a closer relationship with you, dear companions. For example, the reviews we receive from you in the ads section create a two-way friendly relationship. Some of these reviews provide us with useful information to provide better service and improve the performance of the site, on the other hand, you, as a kiusk user, can receive special services from the earned points.

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How to earn points

1. Comment articles

As a kiusk user with any access level you have, you can share your valuable opinions with us and our friends in the blog section.

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2. Inserting reviews and providing points in advertisements

By writing a review and sharing the user experience of the desired advertisement, as well as providing points, you can earn points in the kiusk. Be careful that the review inserted is approved if the documentation of the experience of using the content of the ad is approved.

3. Completing the user profile

After the initial registration in the kiusk, if you try to complete your user profile, you can earn points in the kiusk.

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4. User introduction

After registration, an identification code will be given to the kiusk users, by sharing and inviting friends, you can earn points in the kiusk.

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5. Write the user experience in the notification section

Kiusk is a user-centric platform that is eager to hear users' opinions and experiences in every field. Therefore, after using kiusk services in different sectors (real estate, Iranian businesses and buying and selling new and used goods), you can share your user experience with us in the notification section of your user profile.

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6. Video submission

As a kiusk user, you can earn points in the kiusk by sending videos on one of the following topics. Of course, note that in order to be able to earn points, you must mention that you are recording this video for kiusk users.
Video topics:

  • · Canadian tourism attractions
  • Introducing the important areas or streets of Canada
  • Introducing special places in Canada
  • · Introduction of Canadian parks
  • Introducing Canadian events
  • Information about Canadian discounts and offers
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to earn unlimited points from the kiusk by adding comments and reviews on a daily basis?
No, each user can earn points only once per day through comments and Google reviews.
What comments in Kiusk blog do not have points?
In the comment kiusk blog, it has credibility and points to be effective and contain content value for users.
Sample comment without points: It was great / It was informative / Thank you for the explanation
Sample comment containing points: The article on how to rent an apartment in Toronto was very useful.

In which case is the score of adding a review in the ad calculated?
If the review posted by the user is related to the quality of the response; The conversation history is checked and points are added to the user. Also, if the review is related to the quality of the advertiser's services; First, the documentation of the user's use of the mentioned services is also checked and points are added to the user.
What features should the submitted video have to receive points?
In order to earn points via video, it is necessary to have the user's identity (the user's face image or just the user's voice) in the video. Also, the user must announce at the beginning of the video that he is recording this video for kiusk users.

Where are the videos posted by users published?
Videos sent by users, if approved by kiusk experts, will be published on social media kiusks such as Telegram, Instagram and YouTube channels.