Keep in mind, in order to facilitate and speed up the process of publishing ads, Kiusk may slightly change the text or title of your ad in some cases based on the rules. Kiusk is also allowed to delete any message, advertisement or photo you send to this site or any user account and other information related to you or created by you at any time and in any way it deems necessary.

If there are more than 5 violations reported by users regarding the ad, the Kiusk may remove the ad at its discretion. In the last two assumptions, the Kiusk has no responsibility for refunding the user for the costs paid for the deleted ad.

By registering their ad in the Kiusk, advertisers confirm that their ad will not include the following and that they are over 18 years old.

  • Violating the privacy of people,
  • Ads for sale without images in the "Home" and "Personal" sections.
  • Include the price in the title of the ad.
  • Any insult to religions
  • Instrumental use of people's pictures in the ad, unnecessary inclusion of people's face photos or use of children's photos to introduce products and services that are not aimed at children.
  • Penetration tools or tutorials, sabotage, lock breaking, hacking and cracking,
  • Selling software programs or books that include "copyright law",
  • Any goods that cause the spread of violence and harm to others, such as: firearms and cold weapons, incendiary materials and the like.
  • Repeated insertion of the same ads even with different titles in one day.
  • Reposting an ad that has not been deleted by the user for more than 24 hours.